10 things you don’t know about me


I attended a networking event in which an attendee was encouraged to provide intimate details of her life.  It gave me an idea for my first blog.  Ten things you don’t not know about me:-

  •  My father had a pie and mash shop in Camden Town which still trades as Castle’s Pie and Mash
  • I was born in North London and moved to Bromley when I was 10
  • My Mum and Dad recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary
  • I met my wife Jan when I was 15 and have been married for the past 32 years
  • I lived in Australia for two years
  • At the age of 24 I backpacked around the world with Jan
  •  In the picture above I am driving Inspector Morse’s car with my wife
  • I have two grown up children a married daughter who lives in central London and a son who currently works at Crest
  • I qualified as a chartered management accountant in 1986 and became the MD of The Crest Partnership in 2004
  • I made my maiden parachute jump unaided when I was 22

I guess you could say a very boring and conventional life and yet it has never felt that way.  I have been grateful for stability in a turbulent world and the knowledge of running a business which I learned from my Dad.  We have used family values to build a stable loyal workforce which has served our clients well.  Our philosophy has always been if we treat our staff like “kings and queens” they in turn will treat our clients like “kings and queens”.   On the whole this strategy has been successful which is why we have received 68 recomendations 38 of which I have made visible on my Linkedin profile for people to read.  I hope you take the time to read them.