The Ten Laws for Business Success


Law of Purpose

What is the purpose of yours or any business enterprise? Many people think that the purpose of a business is simply to earn a profit, this is not the case. The real purpose of a business is to find and keep a customer. The majority of your time, over 50 percent of your efforts, and expenses should be focused on creating and keeping customers. This is the life blood of your business.

Law of Satisfaction

The key measure of long-term business success is customer satisfaction and retention. Your ability to satisfy customer’s needs to such a degree that they buy from you rather than from anyone else, that they buy again and again, and that they refer their colleagues and friends is the first law of growth and profitability.

Law of Value

An important law for wealth building and enterprise success is for you to be constantly adding value in some way. All wealth and success comes from adding value. All long-term growth and profitability comes from adding value. The Law of Value states that Every day, you must be looking for more ways to add more and more value to the buying experience.

Law of Loyalty

The Law of Loyalty states that the most important person in the business is the customer. You must focus on the customer at all times. Customers are difficult, disloyal, changeable, impatient, and demanding in fact no different than you. All the same, the customer must always be the central focus of everything you do in business. Continually ‘wow’ the customer!

Law of Giving

In every area of life, you will always be rewarded in proportion to the value you add to others, as they view it. The focus on customer contribution, is the central law for you to become an ever more valuable person, in every area.

Law of Challenge

The most important question you ask, to solve any dilemma, get past any obstacle, or achieve any imaginable business goal is “How?” The best people always ask the question “How?” and then act on the answers that come to them. There is an answer to any question if you first ask the question how.

Law of Kaizen

In a world of rapid change and continuing aggressive competition, you must practice the law of continuous improvement in every area of your business and personal life. This is the Japanese philosophy of making continuous, incremental improvements that keep a business always developing and growing.

Law of Sales Activity

The engine of your business is sales. A high focus on sales development and a continuous growth in sales is fundamental to success. Sales must be active and growing.

Law of Cash

The most important law in business is cash flow. Cash flow is critical to the basic survival. Of every business. You can have every activity working efficiently in your business, but if your cash flow is cut off for any reason, the business can die, sometimes overnight.

Law of Rapid Growth

Every business must have a rapid growth plan. Growth must be the heart of all your business activities. You should have a plan to grow 10 percent, 20 percent, or even 30 percent each year. Some companies grow 50 percent and 100 percent per year, and not by accident.


You should have a growth plan for your business and to fill your sales pipeline by following and implementing the laws above. Follow these laws and your business